Here we discuss basic, scaling and enterprise features.    

Basic Features

Transaction Automation 

Create, negotiate and close your transaction in no time at all!  Basic transaction automation features include a robust editor, automated delivery and receipt, internal and external communications, negotiation (redline), digital signature, transaction repository, alerts and reminders, standard material term tracking and calendar events.


Free Guest User Access

All parties that you transact with access the platform at no charge. 

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Automated Version Control & Transaction Status Tracking

Throughout the contract lifecycle, every version that's created is tracked to allow you to know exactly the status of each transaction you're viewing. For example, the drafting status tells you that a version was sent to the other party or perhaps the other party sent the version back to you.  With e-Agree, there are no duplicates version!

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Standard Transaction Field Tracking

The Network tracks all those material terms such as contract value, effective date and termination date. Never miss an expiration date again. No more spreadsheet tracking!

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External Messaging and Tracking

When delivering or receiving a transaction, the platform tracks and stores all messages and attachments associated with each delivery and receipt. No more searching through email threads !

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Quick Search

Throughout the network, we give you a variety of ways to find information that's meaningful to you.  When you use the contract search feature, it searches not only the name of the contract, but also all standard and custom metadata as well as all contract provisions. This contract automation feature saves users a lot of time during the contract management process.

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Dashboard & Metrics

Access the dashboard to get instant statuses on deals in draft, upcoming expiration dates and other critical upcoming events.

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"File Free" Folder & Transaction Management

Folders allow you  to organize and navigate to agreements easily and quickly.   With e-Agree, there is no traditional  check-in or check-out of documents!   This contract automation feature   saves you a lot of time during the contract management process.

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"Two-Click"  Compare

The Network allows  you to instantly compare any version of a transaction to another without  searching, downloading, uploading and all the other manual tasks involved in a manual environment. The Two-Click compare takes 5 seconds versus manual comparison of 5 to 10 minutes!  


Custom Template  Management

Your authorized users can quickly create and manage transaction templates that are used by the rest of your team. Deploy or suspend usage of a transaction version with one simple click.  You can be assured that your team only uses authorized transaction versions.

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Free Community Templates

Don't have any  standard form of contracts?  Download a  variety of our community templates to your account and customize them to your liking.  Download templates  such as nondisclosure, privacy, consulting, sales, teaming agreements and more! 

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Free Community Clause Library Access

Access our clause  library to select a variety of provisions to insert into your existing or new  templates.  Report on these  contractual matters in context across your entire portfolio.

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Party Management -  Unlimited Companies and Contacts

Create, manage and  track unlimited parties that you transact with.  Associate custom metadata with them to  enhance reporting and informatics.


Scaling Features

Audit Trail

Use the  Network's  Audit Trail to quickly  pinpoint the history of a deal. For each version, the date, time, and user  for the version’s creation, update, delivery, receipt and execution are displayed.

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The Networks gives you many ways to import and upload legacy transactions and information about the parties you do business with.  Import and migrate at your leisure.

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Custom Fields

Create, track and  manage unlimited metadata associated with your transactions and parties you  transact with.  We support all  standard field types and they're easily integrated with 3rd party CRMs such  as  

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Custom Tags

Create and control bit flexible tags and associate them with transactions for the parties you deal with for enhanced reporting.


Custom Parameters

Utilize custom parameters throughout your transaction to facilitate pre-populating material terms and data points such as sales prices, unit rates, et cetera.  

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Enhanced Search and Reporting

The Network's reporting feature gives you powerful informatics at your fingertips.

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Required Signer Preference

Determine how many  signers are required on each side of a transaction and implement with a click.


Notes & Threads

Communicate with your team members about each version of the transaction quickly and easily.

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Amendments & Modifications

Instantly create amendments, modifications, subcontracts, SOWs and pre-populate metadata and material terms instantly!  A huge timesaver!


Execution Copy

Coming to terms with the other party?  Our execution copy feature allows you to deliver just that and the other party will only have signature capabilities.  No more coordination with 3rd party signature tools!   

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Transaction Delivery Templates 

Use email templates to quickly create messages when delivering transactions to other parties. Deliver consistent and  transparent messages to your other parties. No more creating emails from scratch for delivery!

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Enterprise Features

Internal Review  Management

Use the internal review feature to allow your team members to weigh in on their status and sign off on each transaction. Generate standard sign-off reports to tell you exactly where each transaction stands.

Guest Member Authentication

Be assured that  your transactions aren't being forwarded to unwanted recipients. Here the  network ensures security of the transaction by asking the party you transact  with to authenticate their identity prior to accessing the transaction.

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Internal Access Control (User Groups)

As your company grows, you'll need the ability to restrict certain transactions from access to certain departments. Do this quickly and easily with our user group feature.


Internal Permission (Security Profiles)

Leverage our standard security profiles to authorize your team members to take action such as signing a transaction, authoring templates, etc. You may also utilize a server version for team members who just need Read-Only access.

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Custom Clause Library

Create and maintain your own custom clause library to facilitate consistent negotiation tactics and tracking.

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Mass Contract Creation

Need to create many transactions at one time? Use our mass contract creation feature to create up to 250 transactions at once!

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